Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade


Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade

Talent Search: Instructions for Participants:

How good are you at Solving Problems?

The Talent Search is designed to identify learners with an aptitude for computational thinking.  This is the type of thinking you need for programming computers (IT), but also for Maths, Science and Computer Application Technology (CAT). 

How many of these problems can you solve?

You have 45 minutes for 15 tasks.  A timer on the screen will indicate how much time is left.

(The "Grade 5 and below" participants have 45 minutes for 10 tasks)


A 1 to 5

+6 points 0 points 0 points
B 1 to 5 +7 points 0 points

0 points

C 1 to 5 +7 points  0 points

 0 points