Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade


Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade

Submit your datafiles here.

Programs: At the end of the contest please save your files individually stored as follows: 

Question# Name Surname, username, programming language, version
e.g. “Q3 Koos Smit, sanr001, Python 2.7”


Folder: The files should then all be zipped together in a folder and named as follows:

Name Surname, username, PO R1
e.g. Sam King, sanr001, PO

Email your zipped folder to
The subject has to be School's name, and PO R1. e.g. San Ridge High, PO R1


Without the submission of your programs that prove your work, you cannot proceed to the final round of the Programming Olympiad. 


Participating Information

Go to the Account/Rekening page (top right of this page) to check that your name, surname and grade is correct.
These will appear on your certificate. No changes will be made at a later stage. If you make any changes, remember to click save.

Hold on to your username and password. You can view your score from 29 Aug 2022 by clicking "User score/ Jou Telling" on the left after logging in using the same username and password.