Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade


Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade

2020 Programming Olympiad 2020

 Round 1


  1. Make sure you have the URL, your username and your password as shown below.

Logging in on the Bebras website


  1. Point your browser to for English.
  2. Point your browser to for Afrikaans.
  3. Read the instructions on the Welcome
  4. On the Welcome screen, click on the big Login  button (or the one top right on the screen).
  5. On the Login screen, enter your username, and password and click on the Login
  6. Provide your first name, last name, grade (e.g. 7 or 8), birthdate and gender etc. Enter details as they should appear on your certificate. Click on Save .
  7. Click and read the Instructions (PO) Tab at the top right corner.

Choosing a Competition

  1. Click on Competitions (top right on your screen)
  2. Select Programming Olympiad.

Doing the questions

  1. When the list of questions comes up, click on the first question you want to answer.
  2. The clock (top right) will start running. You have one hour to answer 16 sub questions.
  3. Write the necessary program on your own computer and Save .
  4. Type the answer in the space given on the website.
  5. If there is a Save button at the bottom of the question, make sure you click it. Note: ‘Not saved’ is the same as ‘not answered’.
  6. On the menu on the left, a tick will show which questions you have completed. (This does not mean your answer was correct.)
  7. The Erase  button does just that: it erases your answer so that you can enter a different answer.
  8. Click Next  (top left) for the next question.

If you get stuck

  1. You can always go back to a question by clicking on it on the menu.
  2. You may ask your teacher to explain or translate difficult words or sentences, but he/she is not allowed to help you answer the questions.


Submission of datafiles - Be sure…

  1. To save your data files as follows before submitting: e.g. “Sam King, username”.
  2. Submit your datafiles by clicking on “Submit datafiles” on the left pane. Click the Submit button and drop your files. If you do not submit your datafiles you may not proceed to the final round.


  1. Once the time has expired or you have finished, click on End (bottom left).
  2. To log out, click on the Logout  button (very top right).

Account Information:

At any given time before or after the competition, please check that all information given is correct for certificate purposes.

  1. Go to (English) or (Afrikaans).

Click on Account in the top right corner and make your changes



The first round of the 2020 Programming Olympiad is taking place online only.


1.     Rules:

Please read the instructions on your Screen very carefully. No credit is given for answers that are not 100% correct.  This may make a difference as to how you approach the competition.


2.     Results:

The results will be sent to your school about ten days after participation.


Certificates: Certificates are allocated as shown below for each grades group:


Gold:    The top 7% of all participants countrywide

Silver:   The next 14% of all participants countrywide

Bronze: The next 29% of all participants countrywide


Grade groups: Grade 10 and below, Grade 11 and Grade 12


3.     Time Limits:

The competition is exactly one hour (60 minutes) long.  The system will cut you off after exactly 60 minutes. 


4.     Help:

No outside help is allowed during the competition – e.g. no books, programs or other persons.  You may use the help functions which form part of the applications. The conditions are the same as for any similar practical Senior Certificate exam.