Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade


Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade

The 2020 Applications Olympiad Round 1 has two Divisions (BASIC and OPEN).

Divisions: Content & Level
OPEN: Word, Excel and Access ---- Same level as past Applications Olympiads
(May be invited to enter Round 2)

BASIC: Word, Excel and PowerPoint ---- Slightly easier than the OPEN Division
(WILL NOT proceed to Round 2)

Make an informed choice.

Once you have pressed START on the competition page, you will no longer be able to change the division you participate in (i.e. OPEN to BASIC and vice versa). Note that the clock starts to run as soon as you click the START button!

You should see two buttons below, one for the BASIC division and one for the OPEN division, choose one to begin the competition. If you do not see any buttons, then you have either completed the Challenge or have not selected your grade. Return to the "account" on the top right of your screen, select your grade then return to this page to begin.