Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade


Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade

Applications Olympiad: Instructions to participants:

  1. There are two categories, BASIC and OPEN. OPEN is more demanding than the BASIC category. Only participants in the OPEN category have a chance of being invited to the Second Round – provided their scores are high enough.
  2. You may take part only once. Note that if you take part in the BASIC category, submitting results for the OPEN division will not be considered and vice versa. Choose only one division.
  3. All answers must be typed in the appropriate place online. You must click save for each question.
  4. You may do the questions in any order, but you have to make sure the answers are placed correctly.
  5. The files you need to answer the questions have been provided to your school. Ask your teacher/invigilator where to find them otherwise you can download them from the competitions page before you start the contest.
  6. The paper must be completed under “examination conditions”. No communication (oral, electronic or any other form) with other contestants is permitted.
  7. You may use the application of your choice to answer any of the questions and, if necessary, convert the data as it suits you.
  8. You have one hour (60 minutes) to complete the 20 questions in this paper.
  9. Each correct answer counts five (5) marks.
  10. You need to store your files where you found them and where your teacher can access them in case the judges want to see how you obtained the answer. Do not delete any of the files. Do not attempt to modify any files after the end of the contest.
  11. For all questions, if the answer is a number, just give the number without any units.

Watch video: How to register your participation for the Olympiad


Who is the Applications Olympiad for?

The Applications Olympiad is a challenge for those who take CAT or the ICDL or are otherwise computer literate. The participants have to solve a number of problems using a Microsoft Office package and the data provided. Contestants are allowed to use the application of their choice, such as the Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database and Presentation Tool.

There are two papers, BASIC and OPEN from which all learners may choose. The competition is most beneficial if entire classes take part, but individual participation is also encouraged. The Application Olympiad is available in English and Afrikaans.





Slightly easier than Open

At the level of previous Applications Olympiads


Includes a Word, Excel and PowerPoint section, but no Access.

Includes a Word, Excel and Access section, but no PowerPoint.


50% of participants receive certificates, but do not qualify for Round 2.

(Those who want to go to the next Round should opt for the OPEN division).

50% of participants receive certificates – top OPEN learners will be invited to Round 2.


Important Rules


General Notes to teachers

What to expect after registering?

The Applications Olympiad has two divisions. Each division has a different level of difficulty. Learners should select their actual grade when they participate for appropriate evaluation.

On 27 April 2022, you (the teacher) will receive the documentation you requested on your entry form. The expected documentation is listed below:

Online documentation

Offline documentation

1.  Instructions for the Teachers

2.  Information for Participants

3.  Data Files

4.  Logins



1.   Instructions for the Teachers

2.   AO Question paper English

3.   Data Files

4.   Memorandum

5.   Results Spreadsheet

No marking required

Marking is required


What to do on the day of the competition

Online participation

1. Login details: Type your learners' names on the login sheet.

2. Cut it into strips: Print the spreadsheet with the URL, usernames and passwords. Cut it into strips and give each online participant ONE strip. [The questions appear on screen for participants.]

3. "Information (instructions) for Participants": Print and Hand out the 2-page instruction sheet for each online participant and/or let them watch the video.

Offline participation

Print the appropriate Question paper provided by the Olympiad for your learners. Instructions for learners participating offline will be found on the question paper.