Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade


Computer Olympiad / Rekenaarolimpiade

Talent Search: How it works


Who is the Talent Search for?

The Talent Search is a challenge made available at different levels for learners from grade 4 to grade 12.

Algorithms: The challenge comprises problems that relate to amongst others abstraction, decomposition, optimisation, manipulation of data, sorting, searching, identifying patterns and many other algorithms used in subjects not just like Mathematics, Science, IT and CAT, but also the Humanities and Sport to solve everyday problems.

The Comprehension contained in the Talent Search adds meaning to what is read and brings context to the overall problem that needs to be solved. This makes the problem fun and informative. We are faced with problems on a daily basis but understanding the problem is the key to solving them in everyday life. The Talent Search makes problem-solving practical.

Career choices: The Talent Search serves as a valuable tool to spark curiosity and inspire career choices from an early age. Teachers can even use it to help grade 9's learners with their grade 10 subject choices.

Important Rules


General Notes to teachers

What to expect after registering?

The Talent Search has five divisions namely Elementary (grade 5's & below), Junior (grade 8-9), Intermediate (grade 8-9), Senior (grade 10-11) and Elite (grade 12 and above). Each division has a different level of difficulty. Learners should select their actual grade when they participate to receive the most appropriate challenge.

On 1 March 2023, you (the teacher) will receive the documentation you requested on your entry form. The expected documentation is listed below:

Online documentation

Offline documentation

1.  Instructions for the Teachers

2.  Information for Participants

3.  TS Elementary Participant Instructions

4.  Logins



1.   Instructions for the Teachers

2.   Information for Participants

3.   TS Question paper English

4.   Memorandum

5.   Results Spreadsheet

No marking required

Marking is required


What to do on the day of the competition

Online participation

Login details: Print the spreadsheet with the URL, usernames and passwords. Cut it into strips and give each online participant ONE strip. [The questions appear on screen for participants.]

Offline participation

Print the required material provided by the Olympiad.

Watch video: For teachers and participants for the Olympiad
(What to do on the day of the competition)